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Stephanie Brick Design was originally founded in 2009 as a photography, website design, and graphic design enterprise. With an established portfolio of small businesses and individual clients, custom website design catered to personal or business's needs are offered as a one-time or continuous service. Websites are designed to project a professional online image and promote yourself, products, or services by enhancing a company's online presence. Each site design is unique and custom developed for each client.

Dark green website with a feature photo of a house surrounded by trees

A showcase of building in harmony with nature

Antique metal artwork background of a firefighter saving a baby

An online preview of history and tribute to first responders

All Stephanie Brick Design services provided pro-bono

Swirly turquoise website for a home decor shop

A fresh & hip website for a gifts & home decor store

Original site photography by Stephanie Brick Design

Neutral palette with sophisticated fonts for a clothing store

An online presence for suburban chic style


Original site photography by Stephanie Brick Design

Red, white, and black simple but bold website with logo featured front and center

A scientific reference and training website

Abstract camera motif surrounds four featured photo albums

A community site for creative imaging and education

Charcoal gray website features black and white photography stills

An artful gallery of personal images

Graphic Design

Stephanie Brick Design also offers graphic design services catered to small businesses and individual clients in conjunction with website design services. Graphic work includes business branding (the individual services as listed), small business marketing packages, and social media management:

Website & Graphic Design

company branding

logo design

business card design


advertising fliers


A full-service neighborhood pet grooming salon

Full company graphic design by Stephanie Brick Design (see below)

Screen Shot 2021-04-02 at 10.47.31 AM.JP
Stephanie Brick Design logo

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