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Parent/Teacher Resources

"The book not only tackles realms and magic. It also has valuable life lessons to learn. These include friendship and self-esteem. Adeline...completely changes her perception of being accepted and believing in herself. This lesson will be very valuable to readers."

-Online Book Club Official Review (five stars)​  

The Secret Doors of Cannondale will especially resonate with readers age 10 to 12 years old. This middle-grade fantasy novel is plot-driven with a wide range of characters and experiences that lead its protagonist, Adeline, on a journey to find her way back home - and understand what "home" really means.

As the only child in a military family, Adeline's character may especially appeal to readers who can relate to a military lifestyle and/or themes of belonging, feeling valued, and the emotional impact of friendships.

Please find the following free activity resources to stimulate classroom and one-on-one discussions:

Sparkly stars twinkling with magic
Sparkly stars twinkling with magic

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