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Each consultation begins with an initial phone call from Stephanie Brick to obtain basic property information, discuss the overall goals of your project, and walk through the design process based on your project scope. Just as there are no two houses exactly alike, there are no two clients or projects exactly alike. Scopes can range from simple color consultations to full kitchen redesigns to complete reimaginings of a home's layout; clients can range from knowing exactly what they want to not knowing where to even start.


As an avid public speaker in the professional community on the importance of client education and communication, Stephanie Brick has spent years in the industry practicing what she preaches. She believes in investing the time upfront to get to know homeowners to best understand their wants, needs, and lifestyle. This approach directly informs and ultimately results in a beautiful design that is truly catered to each home and unites form with function in the space.


As a strong advocate of client education, Ms. Brick also presents every meeting as an opportunity to answer home remodeling questions, share industry insights, and debunk common misconceptions about home design.


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