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"This recommendation is written for Stephanie Brick...We have worked with Stephanie Brick over the last several years on three separate projects at two different residences.Working with Stephanie, we were thrilled…Stephanie worked within our budget, and the outcome was beautiful. When it became time to put our house on the market, we are certain that [Stephanie’s designs were] a major selling feature of the home.


Ms. Stephanie Brick has shown through her work to be a true professional. She listened to us, while offering choices that fit our lifestyle, and our needs. As she listened, she guided our decisions based on an obvious knowledge of design. She understood budget requirements, and made changes where necessary, always reassuring us when we were uncertain of a potential selection. We never felt that these choices compromised either the design or our requests.In conclusion, we highly recommend Ms. Stephanie Brick as a designer."

- Richard & Diane W.


"I imagine in your line of work you are quick to hear about problems but praise is less frequent. Just wanted to let you know that Wanda and I are extremely happy with the kitchen you designed over a year ago. Our sincere thanks. What impressed both of us was that you listened and made every attempt to meet our expectations. I sometimes think listening is a lost art. You were a pleasure to work with."


- John W.




"You make houses happy!"


- Sandy K.


"Our designer, Stephanie, gave us several designs to review and it was clear she had paid attention to how we wanted the kitchen to work for us. Normally at this point we would begin the contract process but we had a meeting with another contractor scheduled. No contest... we could not get back to Stephanie fast enough. What was formally a small, dark, depressing kitchen is now bright and open. We have so much more storage and work space thanks to a good design."


- Larry D.


"[Stephanie] really listened to what we wanted and provided us with excellent product choices and service throughout the entire process. We were extremely pleased and greatly appreciated the expertise."


- Anne A.




"I can personally recommend Stephanie Brick. She was extremely attentive to requests - I did not have to repeat mysef at all. Her well thought-out layouts were clever, practical, and quick - yet she always involved me in the decision making."


- Mark H.




"We were blown away by your professionalism and great ideas."


- Elaine H.




"Stephanie put forth a lot more effort than anyone else and was atuned to helping solve our design problems and concerns."


- Kevin S.




"Architect/designer Stephanie Brick met with us twice - once in our home, where she took measurements and listened patiently for more than two hours to our desires and answered our many questions. She developed designs based on our preferences and shared those with us during a second meeting... Again, she was generous with her time, and answered numerous questions. Throughout our meetings she was professional and demonstrated high-quality work.Stephanie: We appreciate your patient responses to our many questions and we admire and appreciate your outstanding professionalism."


- Gary L.

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