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As President Emeritus and a Penn State alumna, Ms. Brick continued to seek ways of promoting the mission of the group and design sustainability to students. In 2010, Stephanie Brick Design established the SEED Award of Distinction, an annual cash award granted to an exceptionally proactive student member of SEED. The purpose of this recognition was to encourage and continue student involvement in green strategies of design continuously through the years.

In 2009, as the first Penn State undergraduate to earn LEED accreditation, Stephanie Brick had a vision to better inform students of green design opportunities and principles. During her undergraduate thesis year, she co-founded the multidisciplinary group SEED, Students for Environmentally Enlightened Design, to promote and practice sustainable design strategies in and out of the classroom.


Ms. Brick's vision to promote sustainable design practices to students endured. Special interest, grassroots groups like SEED historically had a lifespan of about two years within the college: SEED has continued to thrive for more than a decade, with membership reaching nearly fifty-people strong. The group's accomplishments range from solar panel install workshops to designing and constructing a greenhouse made from reused water bottles to a shipping container library designed, built, filled, and sent to Africa. Members' green projects, collaborations, and initiatives through the Penn State campus and the world has had substantial impact over the years.

The SEED Award of Distinction was retired in 2020 but the group and its mission live on. For information about ongoing projects and activities, the Penn State SEED website may be accessed here.

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